Friday, January 22, 2010


In an effort to become more organized about blogging, and considering I may be called a blogging virgin....if there is such a thing...I decided I needed time to get organized, seek out advice, and learn more about my blog. So, I did my usual advice seeking in regards to technology and called Sara and Mike. Thank goodness for Generation X or is that Y. Doesn't really matter what letter they are as long as they have the information. Of course, I thought I could figure out the scanning photos part, after all you just push the button. I read the book that comes with the printer and convinced myself, I could do this! After two hours, luckily Mike walked in the door and within literally 15 seconds he passed along the information I was so desperately trying to find over the past hours. Okay, so where is the fairness in that? A master's degree and I cannot figure this out? The good news...I now can scan!!
With that new knowledge tucked neatly in my brain (hopefully) I decided to go through photo albums and old pictures to find ones that might fit a blog. You know, those old boxes of pictures you have in your basement that you are going to put in an album ...I think it is a New Year's resolution that I have every year. I dusted off the box, sat down, and sifted through countless pictures. Going through these pictures I realized that this tiny pint sized child, who we carried around like a toddler until he was five or six, was an extremely happy child. Why, he was just living his life as Peter, not knowing he really did not see above or below, not realizing he was falling behind, no, Peter was just slowly making his way in the world with a big smile on his face. I also realized that his sister Sara seemed to be always carrying him around like a sack of potatoes and his brother Mike was loving his little brother. Looking at all those family members and friends who were there to help and treat him as just one of us, was heart warming and quite fulfilling. I was also reminded of all his great teachers, OT's, PT's, Speech Therapists. Teaching Assitants that contributed to his growth. Great pictures and fond memories.
So, if you have a few hours, even if you do not, take some time, make a fire, grab a glass of wine, scatter those albums and pictures around you and enjoy!! It's cheap, it's high!

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  1. Ha ha,I love your new tech skills.. Laughing as Timmy is the one that laughs at me trying to learn how to do all this computer stuff that they find ever so easy. Well done Diane. You are right about the free high. I love going through my albums for a quick high when I am in the need of a laugh