Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Life with Peter Labanowsky

Finally, I am here. Years have past and friends have said....you need to write a book. And I smile and agree, yes, I need to write a book. But time has been an issue, and really, getting started has been the bigger issue. Three cassette players later, and several computers which kept my previously started documents regarding my life with Peter, "the book" remains just a thought, a smile, of what should be. But now, I admit, after just watching the movie "Julia and Julie", I thought, I could handle that. I could do a blog, I can write something everyday. I think this can work. I will try and stay committed, I will try and write once a day, and I will tell the story. The story that began almost 22 years ago. A story that has changed my life. A story that brought tears..that would be many tears , but more than tears, joy, and the realization about what is really important in life. So, today, I begin, with a basic blog site (if that is what it is called) and a opportunity to tell about the life I have experienced with my son, Peter. So, tonight, I will decided, do I start from the beginning or do I start from the present and the half of gallon of Crisco which lies in my sink. I will think, maybe both ends work, some present, some not so present. The meaning is the same as there has never been a dull moment in my life with Peter Labanowsky

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