Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pincher Grasp

I have to admit I never gave the Pincer grasp much respect. The grasp defined "as the grasping an object between the thumb and forefinger. The ability to perform this task is a milestone of fine motor development in infants, usually occurring from 9 to 12 months of age" . Did you know that a pincer grasp is a major developmental stage in your child's life?
Walking, talking all very important in the development of your infant, but the pincer grasp? I thought every child had the ability to pick up those Cheerio's, wasn't that a part of growing up? Did it just happen? Peter never had, never developed, and still does not have a pincer grasp. He did manage the Cheerio thing, but it was more like mauling a group of Cheerios on the high chair table and than somehow smashing them into his month. When I realized the importance of the grasp and the lack of Peter's ability to develop one, I remember looking at amazement at other babies grabbing the Cheerios,thinking how fortunate you are (the parent) that your child can pick up Cheerios...such a small task, one which is easily goes unnoticed, yet such a big event! I was envious of those babies with their tiny little hands, pincing up the Cheerios.
My point today,if you are having a bad day,if your child is a bit on the cranky side, teenage son driving you nuts.....think about..he or she most likely gracely ate the cheerios at a young age....rejoice!! What a gift! It's the little things in life after all....

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