Monday, January 18, 2010

A Free High

So today, I decided to zoom into the present as yesterday, I got a "free" high from Peter. I picked up Peter, who now lives in a group home...more on that later, to go to his favorite church. Peter was brought up in a very traditional quiet, did I say quiet, yes quiet which Peter had this need to change, church. Every Sunday Peter went to church and we sang the same songs, and said the same words, and Peter just never could catch on, even though I did the finger pointing thing at the words, and sang loudly into his ear...just did not get it. Instead he seem to have a need to go to the bathroom, fall asleep, and when it was all over, be the first one out so he could slam the large heavy oak door very loudly, ensuring that everyone in church knew he had left. Needless to say, we sat in the very back, and I tried extremely hard to leave during a loud song or as soon as I could. Really, church became a stressful event until one day a colleague told me about her church where the music was contemporary and, listen to this, you could even drink coffee and eat during church. Now how could that be, I asked. So we checked it out and Peter fell in love with church. The difference was amazing! He could sing the songs, clap, be noisy, and now he did not stand out, he was just part of the group.
So, on Sundays, Peter and I and anyone else that wishes go to church, show up, and we sing, we clap, we raise our hands, and we fill really good when we are done. Although the worship experience is quite fulfilling in itself, watching Peter is the "freebie" that no matter how you start the day, you cannot leave without feeling like something good has taken place. It is that feeling that only Peter seems to give that "what is really important in life feeling" that what are my priority feeling, that warm fuzzy, life is good and God is great feeling. As his sister Sara will say, "There is nothing like going to church with Peter". And she is right....a free high!
Yesterday, I have to admit, I was not the best example for a positive, caring, happy, thankful person. But, after one hour, there is was, I got it back, thanks to Peter and God, of course. If I could invite you all to see, I am thinking you would feel the same!


  1. This is fantastic, Diane!!!! You have been a model mom, not only for a special needs child, but for all three of your very special children. I don't know anyone else who could have been a better mom than you. AND, Peter is a joy to behold---love watching him sing and dance.

  2. Hey, thanks Sherry! Really, without Peter...he is the one who really makes me think!

  3. Sara advertised this blog on facebook, and I had to check it out!! I teared up in the first entry! You aren't just a wonderful mother to all 3 of your children, but you are a wonderful mother figure to me. Not only have you opened your house and family for me as a child, and as a friend of Sara's, but you have taught me and guided me to be a great nurse!! Thank you for all of your support throughout the years; being there when my family wasn't, taking me on soccer trips, taking me to see RENT, and helping me through nursing school! You really are SuperMom!! Love, Santa :)

  4. Thanks Claudia...that brought tears to my eyes!!!Last night, I was watching the ending to the Titanic and I had to tell the story about picking up Sara and you after that movie. The two of your were sobbing so hard, you could not tell me about the movie! Great memories! I am glad you have been a part of our life!