Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Driving home from the dentist today, I looked down at that tangled mess of cords which lie beneath my right arm. I had to smile, as in that mess was my GPS. For some reason, oh that would be a Peter reason, things take on new meanings in our household. Items, such as a GPS, used to give directions, is one of Peter's favorite "toys". The GPS was given to me by Sara and Mike several years ago to save their extremely directionally challenged mother from landing in a cornfield in Iowa at 200 AM in in the morning. Although, very grateful for the gift, when I learned about my friend whose car was broken into to retrieve her GPS, I decided the best place for my GPS was to hide it well under my seat. So there is stays, unless Peter is driving with me. As soon as I pick him up, his first question "Where is it?" and then he lands face first, feet sticking outside the car to retrieve his friend, the GPS. Peter than loads some unknown address, and we drive, whether it is minutes or hours, we listened to our friend tell us, turn around, you missed your turn, turn right, no turn left..and Peter laughs. She never gets upset, she just keeps reminding us we are going the wrong way. After all, we really do not need her, that is why you stop and ask people for directions, isn't it?
We, of course, know we do not need directions, we just want to be entertained. The best one is "you have reached your destination" and there we are in the middle of nowhere...and we laugh! One of Peter's outstanding features is how it takes so little to be entertained, and how the laughter in that entertainment, just feels so good! So think of us next time you use your GPS...have you reached your destination?

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  1. i love this one. i use mine all the time and will think of you guys now! :)