Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of my Mantras that I keep in my back pocket is "God will only give you what you can handle" and trust me, I have had many discussions with God about my limit. Obviously, I am still here, better off with the various...... what is the word..."Loads I was given...Gifts I was given", and He does seem to know, although I know a day will come and I will again have that discussion..."Isn't enough, enough"? Actually, I can now look back and say all the difficult times have made me a better and stronger person, all part of life's puzzle which gives meaning.
During the early years of my life with Peter, I often wondered "why me"? Yes, I looked around at all my friends and not one of them had a child with special needs. Why, they all got healthy kids. Just didn't seem fair. I have also come to the realization that "Life is not fair" and if for one minute I think it is...wrong. There are families that appear to have it amazingly good and those that do not. And that is just "how it is." So another one of my life's motto's...Each person in life is given "things" or a plan or whatever, and in life, one is to use what is given and do the best the person can do. So, using an bad cliche...I am to deal with my plate..full, not so full, and in the end, it is all about how I ate my plate. Does that make sense? To me, God says "Here is your plate or life plan, now do the best you can".
It seems I am on a mantra theme today, so here is the other motto I like to keep in my back pocket. When God closes a door, he opens a window. Again, discussion with God sounded like this. "Please do not close that door, Where is the window...when will the window be open"? There has always been a window, maybe not my window or the window I would have picked, but there is a window. Sometimes that window is just staring you in the face, and other times that window is hidden and takes a bit more searching. But it is there, maybe not open as soon as I want it open, but it opens, sometimes quietly, and sometimes the wind just blows in and smacks you in the face. I know, that no matter how dark a situation can seem, there is a window somewhere in that tunnel of darkness, that will open. I think the other word for that window is hope, and without hope, life could be quite scary.
So these are my mantras, my framework, that has given me direction in life that has helped me walk the walk with my life with Peter Labanowsky. Hope, trust, and most of all, a very good sense of humor and the realization that most everything can be fixed. If I may borrow my friend's Betsy's saying "Was anyone hurt? Did anyone die? Than it is no big deal and life goes on!" And believe, me I used that one quite abit and than called the repairman.
So onto today and what life will bring!

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