Thursday, January 7, 2010

More on Philosophies-Get Real!

After writing this morning about my mantras that provide a framework for dealing with life and Peter, I than realized I forgot Pity Parties. How I could forget Pity Parties, I will not know! Pity Parties are great and definitely essential in maintaining one's sanity. What is so great about Pity Parties is that you are in charge. You can invite whomever you would like. I always invite no one as I am my own entertainment at my Pity Party, so really I do not need anyone else. I can either schedule my own Pity Party or at times, I have had a spontaneous, I need a Pity Party now moment. I personally like to have my party in a quiet area, a bedroom, the shower. The shower works great as the tears blend in with the water, and cold water helps with the swollen eyes. Night time also works, I like the dark, and then you have the entire night to get rid of the redness. Just to let you know, there is nothing like a good Pity Party. A good "It's not fair" Why me", " I cannot handle this" party. Yes, I know I previously said I used my mantras, but let's face it, there are times that life just stinks, so the best way to deal is to plan an all out Pity Party. Definitely a soul cleanser. I highly recommend it when you feel the need.
As I tell you my Peter stories, I know there were a few of these parties thrown after the fact. Not just a few, depending on the day, there were probably many..all worth the effort of throwing the party and cleansing the soul.

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