Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today is Special Olympics Day

The annual track and field day has arrived, so have Nick and Sara. We will all go and watch Peter run his 100 dash. This is one of the events that one waits a year, and just like the Kentucky Derby, it is over in a flash. One never knows how this race will turn out. Will Peter run as fast as he can, using his true Forrest Gump like talents and finish the race? Or, will he run as fast as the person next to him, trying to strike up a conversation about the race, isn't this fun, maybe make a few smiley faces. Or, will he be distracted, as he was last year when someone fell, and he stopped and offered to help him up? One never knows....It is a bright sunny warm day..that is a good sign. Normally, this day turns out the to be the coldest, rainiest day of May, having to go in search of winter attire, just to make it through the few hours of entertainment.
So, I will leave for now. Go watch the opening ceremonies which always brings tears to my eyes. I will cheer for all the athletes as they do their own personal best to walk, or run or throw. I know it will be a warm fuzzy day, and this year the weather is a big plus. And, I will continue this story. The details of this long awaited race, the one Sara and Nick drove 6 hours to watch. I will let you know....

So the Harley Riders and Police Escort arrived on time, escorting the flame, the Star Spangled Banner was sung, and the games began. Pretty sunny picture, except, oh how could I forget, Peter reverted to his usual Special Olympics behavior of I am not going to participate. I need to eat, he tells us. But, Peter, you are running in a few minutes. Hot dogs, he states. Knowing that if he did not have a 1000 AM dog, he would most likely not participate. Sara, looks, and lets me know..I'll cover him mom, you go get the hot dogs. Luckily, she followed him as she was able to observe the stashing of the uniform into the trash as he took off. Several minutes before the race, Peter was stuffing his face with a hot dog, nothing like hot dog loading to get one to run. Uniform, back on, Peter is sent to the Lining up tent. And, we head down to the end of the track. As we patiently await his heat, Sara reminds me of all the money spent for her and Mike to go to soccer camps and tennis camps, and lessons and that Peter is now the only child left participating in a sport. Mmmm..and running is free!!
So we wait, wondering if between the line-up and the starting line will Peter make another participation decision. We squint, we look, ..does that look like him down there. And then we see him, he takes off, and runs....the best he has ever run. He does not stop, he runs fast, and crosses the finish line!! A major accomplishment. No, not first, or second, or even third...but a winner by completing the task.
So a quick soft ball throw, and this years events are over. Many winners there...all the participants trying their best. All the volunteers giving there time. And Peter, happy he participated, happy to have a pre-run hot dog, and now onto Boccie ball...his next Special Olympic Event.

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