Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Peter, as I mentioned previously, has difficulty reading and writing, but can sing the words to many many songs. All different sorts, and when driving in the car with him, he randomly switches radio stations, finding the song of the moment which could be oldies, newbies, Country Western, Contemporary worship, and if he wishes to bring back good memories of visiting our friends Betty and Humberto in Mexico...tele mundo...or that would be radio mundo......maybe....
And when he finds his songs, he stops and sings, head nodding to the beat and arm waving included if needed. He sings loudly, and happily, as if he wants the whole world to hear.

Now, the one thing you need to know about Peter is he is monotone...m..o...n...o...t...o...n....e...
The same note for every song, the same very low note for every song. The sound that resembles a chanting of sorts, maybe someone meditating, as if in a Buddhist monastery. The only song I have ever heard him change his pitch is the Twelve Days of Christmas, where on the Fifth day...Five golden rings...some versions sing that part very Peter has managed to change from monotone, to in a very high squeaky voice sing Five Golden Rings...enough to bring a large smile to my face every time I hear it.

So, Peter, arriving home from school would want to start the jamming going, and would play his CD'S or radio, sing and dance to which I usually joined in, unless of course..I needed a bit of P and Q or needed to listen to the news, or was having house guests. What do to keep Peter entertained, me sane, and my house guests happy. That is where the Walkman and various versions came in. A small disc player with headphones...loved the headphones as Peter would sit at the kitchen table, play his songs, and sing.

Think about it.....Peter thinks he is Frank Sinatra, so he is singing away...loudly, especially if there are house guests, just wants to make sure they know of his existence. But, we on the other end of the headphones, do not hear the music, just the very loud voice of Peter...the very loud monotone voice of Peter singing to his heart's content. The very loud one tone voice singing away.

Many a book club was spent discussing our latest read while being accompanied by "We are Family" in pure monotone. Nice background music...very especial. He seemed to have a sense, that we may not hear him, so he would just turn up the volume...his volume and sing. What I like about this....he loves to sing and he does care or know that he is monotone...isn't that great. No bad feelings, just the love of singing...and really who cares if it is just one note. For him, it's a world of music. A means to communicate, a joyful moment. For us, entertainment...monotone version.

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