Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Button, Button...

A few weeks ago my friend Jeanne and I gave a birthday party for everyone in our book club. To ensure, LOL....lots of laughs, we decided to play your usual party games, pin the tail on the donkey, drop the clothes pin in the bottle, musical chairs, and Button, button who's got the button. Of course, we needed to Google how to play the button game. Why am I bringing this up, you may ask? Read on...
So off Peter went to play and off I went to play housekeeping. You see, Peter's short visit did not include washing this time. Oh no, we were all over that. He, however, was into cleaning up. Instead of playing "Button, button, who's got the Button?", I will be playing Sink plugger, sink plugger who's got my sink plugger?. I will be unloading the dishwasher which is filled with every item on my counter. I am still looking for the plug for the garbage disposal and the the thing that sits in the sink...can't remember the name., but it is MIA in my house.And, when finished with that, Mike and I will spend some time playing in the recycle bin, as Peter decided to dump all the grass clippings and leaves in with the bottles and cans. That would be an entire garbage can of grass clippings. Oh yes, and I will look for the doormats, I am sure they are somewhere..maybe?
These small tasks come with Peter...it is part of the package. And, yes, it may be a bit on the borderline of crazy, I love the package. Even Mike, as he stood and scooped for hours, cleaning the recycle bin, never complained, just took it in stride. It is part of our life...it is what it is. It is just understood, incorporated in the day. And, even though we watch vigilantly, it only takes a slip, a moment of distraction, and remember the radar...it will go up and Peter will seize the moment to do his thing.
So, Peter will be home again soon. I know we will be our washer alert and dishwasher alert. I have no doubt, Peter will come up with a new plan. A new way to clean or a new area to clean. And I have no doubt, that after he leaves, I will be playing some sort of housekeeping game.

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