Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why I like Special Olympics

Today, I got another free high, thanks to Peter. That freebie, was going to the Regional Special Olympics Basketball tournament. If you ever get a chance, spend an afternoon watching one of these events. Although, not perfect, Special Olympics, is as it says...special, where one can cheer loudly for both teams, cheering on the effort, the attempt. I personally feel that every child and parent,..probably more parent, especially the ones screaming at the coaches, refs,etc should spend a day at a Special Olympics event. It is there that one sees the all out effort put into a dribble, or just running down the floor. As said, "Let me win. But if I can not win Let me be brave In the attempt"
Today, when I arrived, Peter remained in his street clothes and was sitting amongst his fully clothed team mates with no intention of participating. After some brief negotiations, he dressed and played enjoying every minute. Now, understand his idea of basketball is keeping your hands in the air at all costs, even if the ball hits you in the stomach..hands up is our motto. He also has the learned running back and forth, or occasional skipping back and forth. But he had his game face on, cheering for his team and the other. If you asked at the end of the game if he won or lost..he would tell you he won. Just to let you in on a secret....their team lost 40 - 4. An occasional sad face, but mostly the joy of playing was seen on his team. And on this particular team, I would applaud the coaches who allowed everyone equal playing time. Their encouragement and patience was awesome. His coaches did not penalize him for getting dressed at the last minute, they loudly applauded him for throwing the ball in and it even went to the correct team, these coaches made him feel special!! Now that is what I call a phenomenal coach!!
So today, I cheered loudly for all those individuals who were trying so hard to do their best, whatever their best was. And for all those coaches who take the time to volunteer so these young adults and adults have an opportunity to play with individuals with their same abilities. Good feeling....and it's free!

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  1. Im sad I missed it! Can't wait for the Track Meet in May!