Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Such good friends.....

That is Peter pointing in the direction of the water...he had just pushed Kristin in the water, Kristin, just a toddler, was much smaller than him, so for whatever reason, Peter thought she was in the way on the pier and off she went for a swim. Now, this is where you know you have really nice friends for Kathy, her mom, who is always on the ball, quickly fished out Kristin, and with a laugh, told me what had just occurred. Now, how many people do you know remain that calm when they are fishing their children out of the lake?? And than do not hold a grudge? I know many frienships have been broken over kids, and I am thinking for reasons less than pushing one's friend's child in the drink.
Other acts of kindness also surrounded us as Peter grew. When the kids were young, we held the annual Fourth of July gathering at each other's house, followed by fireworks at the lake. Always a fun event, kids playing, Peter hiding in the local neighbor's door, good food. At one of these events, again, carrying on a conversation with the adults, I was called to please come outside. It was always that panic tone that sent me running and the thought...what did Peter do NOW!!
On this sunny Fourth of July, complete with flags and the Star Spangled banner in a picturesque backyard, with a cool breeze....are getting the picture...are you feeling all warm inside??? Peter, my beloved son, no did not bang their door, had not pushed any children, or flushed the air freshener down their toilet. He chose that day, to go gardening...in their beautiful backyard garden...oh that would be what was their beautiful backyard garden. He decided to unearth all the many geraniums I am sure Kathy had spent hours planting. There they were, the geranium's that is, sprinkled all over the ground. There I was...seeing no humor in the situation. How do we fix this one???
Kathy and Greg were very forgiving, and we were invited back. No hard feelings. It was just Peter after all, doing his thing, for whatever reason he does his thing.
Over Peter's lifetime, we have been blessed with so many kind and caring friends who have allowed and still allow Peter to be a part of their life's. Many vacations and picnics were spent while Peter flushed their toilets or slammed their doors, and we were asked to come back. These friends, in this story, in the past tales, the blogs to come, are all very special people.
If I haven't thank you yet, or if you have another tale that I have blocked from my memory, please let me know. In meantime, thank you all my kind friends, who I owe shoes,flowers, life preservers, and probably new door springs. Thank you for understanding, patience, and kindness!

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