Sunday, March 28, 2010

Commercial Break

I just got a call from Peter. Just to keep you updated, Peter and my routine generally goes like this. On Sundays I pick Peter up for church at 10, must be 10 as we need to get to the church on time to get a table and adequate refreshments. Peter, who loves the snacks always needs to be reminded to take only three, and I am running behind him, sneaking around the already packed kitchen, repeatedly saying, only three Peter, only three. Peter, reassures me that he knows to take only three snacks, I know, I know he says,, and than when I am not looking and reminding, he fills his snack plate to overload, and walks to the table. What was that you did not understand about the three. After which time I spend the rest of the service placing the objects of food in front of his face , making sure he fill his face with snacks, all the ones he took, heaven forbid I would leave a morsel. To be honest, Peter who is all involved in singing with his hands raised, may be seen with a banana in one of his hands.

Following church, we will occasionally find a breakfast joint, grab some eggs or pancakes, and head out. Why, because it is fun and obviously not because we need to eat again, as we are still stuffed from the muffins and cookies. But it is part of our routine and also the reason I am ten pounds overweight.

So yesterday, I get a call. A very important call from Peter. Peter usually calls me about three times a week to make sure I will remember to pick him up at ten, that would be ten on the dot, no later. So, I was expecting the usually reminder call, when Peter, in a very grown up voice, asked me if we could go to Dinner after church. Dinner? Yes, Dinner after church. Of course, my mind is scrambling, thinking what supper club is he talking about. Dinner equates to mash potatoes and gravy, a real sit down thing, waiters in nice outfits. What could he mean..dinner? at noon? Now, the older two, dinner would mean the nice Italian restaurant downtown, but Peter who only eats grilled cheese and french fries is now requesting a dinner? Quickly, thinking on my feet, Dinner, sure do you want to go to Dinner at Danny's (the local breakfast joint) or IHOP. Peter's response was...oh you pick...Either one would work for him...that is his dinner. Okay, so I can do dinner, noon tomorrow, can't wait. Why, because for Peter it does not have to be some magnificent glorious restaurant that may break the, it's the simple things, the enjoyment of just going out. It could be Peter it's dinner!
Dinner it is.......I can hardly wait!

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