Monday, March 1, 2010

While down under

Isn't that picture cute...Peter, Sue, and Julie are standing there looking so serene on the pier. One of the places we visited with the family was Cayman Brac, a small island located off of Grand Cayman. That was good, as it was laid back, and we could keep a close eye on Peter. We usually tried to find a place that included a large fence around the entire property or a small isolated place where one could find Peter by a nearby door. Usually elevators were not in demand at these locales, so that was one area we need not look. Automatic doors either, so just the toilets and the doors were the key outposts for Peter.

On this particular trip, we were staying in a condo unit. The back was within a short walk to the ocean, and the front faced a small pool area and snack bar. Very laid back, quiet, and small. Besides us, a few other families were located in the units that were all connected and looked the same.. If you can imagine, a row of about 8-10 condo's lined up, looking the same, the kind that if you do not know the number or location you could potentially go into the wrong one.

On one of the last days of the trip, we, the adults, decided to take an adult dive, only the mom's and dad's were allowed, and the kids were left behind to play in the pool. Not concerned about Peter, as Sara, a very dutiful sister would be in charge, along with the four other high school kids who would all pitch in to keep a watchful eye on Peter.
Off we went, an adult dive, no watching wayward children under the sea. To me, scuba diving offers a moment in time. Peace and quiet, just me and the fish, no one talking, just like the friends and the fish, and of course the dive master who I always became BFF so someone was watching case I needed to ask for directions.
After two quiet and wonderful dives, we returned to the dock with a line up of teenagers and children. Taking a quick head count, I noted everyone there, including Peter, the place is still standing...why they just must miss us! Approaching the pier, I noticed a look of chagrin on Sara's face and a Peter attached to her hip. We were hardly off the boat when we heard that famous quote...Mom, do you know what Peter did!!!! Dispersed among sighs and major eye rolling, the story unfolds. You see, while under the watchful eye of a myriad of teens, Peter decided he had enough of swimming, and why he could be independent, and get dressed himself. Of course, he did not notify anyone of his plans, and just took off in search of his clothes. He found clothes, alright, just not his. He ventured into another condo, found some man's clothes, three times his size, put them on, and went back out to join the rest of the gang. As the story goes, than these teens, needed to play a spontaneous game of Clue and find out which condo Peter had entered, find his clothes, replace the man's clothes, and come out spelling like roses. Peter, was of no help, after all, the condo's all looked alike. They played the game, found the clothes, and redressed Peter. Since everyone else in the condo units were most likely this day.. the owner of the original clothes remains unknown.
After the dramatic version of the story was finished, we the adults looked at one another and burst into laughter...why that was the funniest story we had heard all day. At the time, Sara was still recovering, and walked away in a huff! For once, I was not the story teller, I was not walking away, not seeing the humor in the situation. Someone else was walking in my shoes. Someone else did not see the humor at the moment. That day added to Sara's understanding and appreciation of Peter.
This tale, when brought up at a party or dinner always evokes a smile or laughter..that do you remember when Peter....For if you have ever been on a island, having had one of those yummy island concoctions they call rum punch.. you also may have pulled a Peter...maybe without the clothes.

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