Monday, February 15, 2010

My Moon

Okay, so now I am all about the playlist. It is just so exciting to me. Again, it's the little things. I added the song "I Do Not Want to Live on the Moon" when I was searching for the neighborhood song. I remember that I really liked the moon song when Peter was growing up. Thinking back, I wondered what was it about that song that caught my interest so much? Then I realized why I liked it! There were days, many days, that I really did want to live on the moon. I really did not want to play the game of life anymore...not in a bad way, in case you are getting thoughts that I was majorly depressed. But that "my plate is full feeling", "stop filling my plate", "oh only if life could be"....So, my escape..the moon or probably anywhere else I would rather be, just not in the present. What I liked about the song is it made me think...the grass is always greener somewhere else..or at least in one's mind it is. So going to the greener grass or the moon or being that "astronaut" seemed to be so much easier. But in that very simple song, one can take a make believe trip to the sea or the forest, but just to visit, to get away. And, when I sang it and I went to "the moon and looked down and saw all the things that I loved"...I knew I would miss my life down here! And that is when I realized my moon was here, in Carol Beach, with great neighbors and friends and family. Neighbors who not only understood, but help. It sort of was it took a village to raise Peter theory. And from above, I saw Peter, who would come up with a new trick tomorrow, make me laugh or cry, and I would love my life.

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