Thursday, February 11, 2010

more on neighbors

SO, every neigborhood has a least one of them. Luckily for me, there was only one of them, but unfortunately, them moved in behind us. For some reason, them, thought they were moving to Highland Park not Carol Beach. You see, in Carol Beach...everyone knows your name, no one puts up fences, we are just one big happy family who really had nothing better to do than bring Peter back home. So, shortly after them moved into the house, it was announced that Peter should not step foot on their driveway. With this annoucements, came the thoughts, "are you kidding me...or come on, you cannot be serious." Be serious, them were. So now I am thinking, how do I tell this young person, who really, and I mean really, literallly, does not understand the meaning of no, that he cannot step on them's driveway. I actually conjured up stories in my head of telling him about the nasty witch that lived in the back yard, thinking I could maybe scare him, but the good overcame the bad thoughts, and I just hoped he would walk around...yeah right!!! After the announcement, I informed the kids and the Carneys to make sure Peter was not on their driveway....knowing they might, maybe, no, not a chance take care of that issue. That summer progressed without incident or driveway stepping, and than the unthinkable happened. Peter has this uncanny sense of "getting back" (nicely of course). I did my usual trip to the bathroom, Peter's radar went on, and he was gone. Only this time, no kids, no Carneys, to help me out. I was on my own. So, realizing the escape artist had left I ran to the Town Club, and searched the usual crime scenes. No Peter. Did I mention that calling Peter and thinking he would come was just not something that occured in his life.

Finally, by this time, hands sweating, heart racing, I saw the mailman near them's house, so I asked if he had seen a pint sized child. He pointed to them' house, and front door, which I must tell you, was ajar and it was than I knew. Peter was inside them's house. You cannot imagine the thoughts running through my head at that time. I ran to the door, yelled for him, like he would listen, but could hear a refrigerator door closing, so I knew he was there, probably making lunch at this point!. Now knowing thems were not home, I thought I could get Peter out, before there was any evidence, except them's minature attack dog would not let me in. Quick thinking, gave me the idea to grab some crackers and than throw the crackers so the dog would come out of the house., After retreiving crackers from my house, I threw the crackers in the yard, the dog came out, and you guessed it..out saunders Peter as if these things are a daily occurance, and what is the big deal mom. Now, my only problem was go get the dog back in the house!

Months later, at a neighborhood party, I fessed up to the events....they never knew and were actually very kind about the whole matter. Lesson to be learned...not everyone will understand your story or your life. Pardon them for their ignorance, because maybe someday I won't undersand their life story. And count the hundreds of other who understand as a blessing!

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