Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Neighbors

So, back to the early years of walking. After waiting patiently for Peter to walk, I did not realize that he really was just waiting to gather the speed, so that when he could walk, he would just run. As I said, he was tiny, quick, and could make it through just about any spot while I needed to run around, jump over, excuse myself, smile in hopes that I would have an outside chance of catching him. I was always a bit behind by the time he took off. Peter had developed an uncanny sense, which he still possesses to this day, like radar which informs him whenever I am busy or distracted. As if he has eyes behind his head, one minute he will be sitting contently, and the next...gone. The radar goes like this...she's on the phone, oh great...she is in the bathroom that gives me even more time to escape, oh look, she's trying to carry on a conversation with someone...revv your motor, she's not looking, going, going gone! And gone he would be. He became extremely adept at this talent in the summer months when the only door between the inside and the outside was the screen door and this door was quite easy for him to maneuver. Since my backyard and the Carney's backyard were almost one, the Carney kids (Shannon, Kelly, and Casey) were usually in the area along with Mike and Sara. So, about once a day, I would go to the bathroom, Peter who would appear as if he was involved with a toy, would patiently wait for the bathroom door to close, and off he went. By the time, I realized he was gone or not in the house, I would head outside, gather up the Carney's and my two and we would start the hunt. No one became very excited as this was a regular occurrence in the neighbor. We all had our posts, one would run to the Town Club, and the rest would scatter. And, as usual, someone either found him or a kind neighbor would bring him back. It was a fairly common event, and the neighbors learned that you did not just bring him home, you played a game of follow the leader and he came back. They led, he followed, appearing as if this is just life, just how it is. Peter was never at all concerned that he was missing. There was never a sign of danger or fear, just a happy smile to see us all again. So, in the case you have a special needs child, a good neighborhood with kind caring folks is a real blessing. I got lucky! I live in this great little area, especially when Peter was growing up, everyone knew him and kept an eye our for him. Thank you wonderful neighbors!!! You know who you are! There will be more tales of good neighbors, but until that time...know there is nothing like a great neighborhood who understand, but most of all, do not judge.

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