Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adding my Playlist

A week has past since I last sat down and wrote a blog. I was determined this past week to reorganize my blog, as the old posts seemed to disappear, and I wanted to add music, as in a play list. Of course, pushing mouse buttons was not getting me anywhere, so I enlisted the help of a very friendly and positive computer person named Meg. Meg, is one of those persons that when you just click the mouse, she makes you feel like you just won the gold medal in mouse clicking. If there were more people like Meg in the world, there would be a million more smiles. And Kelly, Sara's sister-in-law, whose blog I covet, and want my blog to look like her blog, was also asked to particpate in the reorganization process.

Meg, the very friendly computer person, helped me find my old posts, and gave me the confidence to "just play". I always think.."just play" turns into "just delete"....but throwing caution to the wind, I played all week and became better friends with my blog site.
Unfortunately, my playing could not get me to connect the dots on how to add a play list. You see, on my mission to add a play list, I downloaded I-tunes and paid for songs, and downloaded Podcast..really what is a podcast..I do not know, but it is on my computer now. I tried to drag, click, I called Sara, asked Mike, really anyone passing by, and those songs on my play list, just sat on my play list in the corner of my computer, never to cross over to the blog. It just seemed so simple, but the songs were not going anywhere.
Then, a miracle! Kelly had time to break away from her family and the two hundred other children she watches...really, not that many, and sent me an email on how to do simple, if you just have the directions. Now, Kelly, really needs to get a job in IT....thank you Kelly, you made my day. Of course, I had to make the usual phone calls.."I did it!" sort of exciting. Really, it is the simple things that just keep me going.

The play list, is actually mostly songs that relate to Peter. The Silent Night Story has yet to be posted. But I thought I would add the song, because, I would not want to do this over again. And, "Proud to be an American" that will also come up in the future. When you read the neighborhood stories, please pick "Who are the People in your Neighborhood"...It just goes with the territory! And "We are the know where that belongs. That is just a good song, anyway. If you do not want to listen to the music, you can turn it off or change the song. "Shout to the North"..I was thinking the "Free High" blog.
So as you blog, sing, hum just gives you the good all over feeling!!! And if I haven't said it before....Have a nice day!


  1. I love the new look of your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice job Diane.. Always makes my day when I get a chance to sit and read your stories.. Kelly did an awesome job too. NO surprise there she is amazing at this stuff.