Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Need Back-Up

One thing I know for sure is that Peter has two "loves" in his life.  I would like to say that would be me and Sara or me and Mike, or maybe Mike and Sara, but really, none of us can equate to the love that Peter has for going to church and watching "Cops".  Yes, that is exactly what I just said...cops and church.  Seems like an oxymoron to me, but that is Peter..pure love, pure engagement into church and cops.
So, it was with bated breath that Peter and I sat down the other night to watch his favorite show.  Now me,   not a big fan of the TV show "Cops" had snuggled in further down the couch. Three blankets, several pillows, and I am all tucked in for the next hour.  Laptop statically placed on top of the blankets and pillows for  emails, surfing the net, whatever would keep my occupied during this hour long event while Peter and I were having some Saturday evening bonding.  Just him and I and a few ever present cops arresting various individuals on the telly.  Peter, had also ceremoniously prepared for this event, by strategically placing his gun, his  two pair handcuffs, and walkie talkies on the ottoman near his feet.  So there we sat, Peter, the paraphernalia, and the cops.  Really, close to any Norman Rockwell painting you could imagine. Close to nirvana I am thinking.
Perfectly happy to be catching up on email, and really thrilled to see Peter so entertained by this show, I was feeling quite smug about a nice quiet...okay, make that semi-quiet evening of the couch. It was only when the warmth of the blanket, that really cozy feeling had set in, when I overheard Peter frantically telling some Innocent person on the phone that we needed back-up. Just when I thought I might sneak in a quick snooze, I hear   "HURRY HURRY, We need back up".  Back up?  Back up for....?  His voice was raising and I am now pondering who he is calling. Peering from my side of the couch I am realizing that person is obviously, a very confused person as I could tell Peter was not getting his point across and loudly repeating his plea.  Moving slowly from that nice cushy haven of warmth I am contemplating my next move.  Should I make a diving leap for the phone, grab it and explain our imminent need for backup?  Or do I just let the person remained in a state of confusion.  I lurch, I grab, I explain.....you see we are watching this show about cops and you see they need back up and Peter would like back up, you understand???   Oh, you do...of course...
I return the phone to Peter who hears the words that back up will be here in a few minutes.  And he hangs up content. He  reorganizes his gun collection and quivers with excitement. Back up...is coming.  Life is good......Yes, life is good.  I quiver too, with that warm fuzzy feeling, the one only Peter seems to effect.  Can't remember when I called for back up, but back up can be oh so good! Can't remember when I got so excited about back up.  But we are all smiling, that happy smile!

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