Friday, September 17, 2010

Bennies and Freebies

Today, I got one again. A freebie, a benny..right in the middle of day. This weekend Sara decided to join a 5K...why a 5K always sounds like part of a retirement plan, I do not know. But now she is running, pretty good for a non-runner. The Freebie came from Sara today who wrote this little blurb and then sent it to the local radio station which they decided to share via the airwaves. Here what the people of Minnesota heard:

Hey Morning Show!
Tomorrow will be my first 5K ever. I absolutely HATE running. When I
heard there was a 5K to raise money for Special Olympics I knew I had
to do it. So with the help of the couch to 5K program I've learned
not to hate it so much. My brother Peter is a Special Olympics
athlete and I know how much these group needs a little extra money.
There is nothing more inspiring than going to a Special Olympics event
and watch the joy in each athletes face as they participate in their
sports. For them winning has no meaning its the joy of being able to
just do what they are doing. Peter was unable to walk until he was 5
years old and today at 22 is one of the fastest out there during his
track and field events. So tomorrow I'll be running with Peter as my
inspiration because if he can run so can I!
Thanks again for putting this together and I'll see you in the morning!

Hey, need I say more...isn't that just best!


  1. Diane I went to cheer Sara and Bob on in the 5k and have some pictures on facebook. I can email them to you. Got some cute pic's of her with Dave Ryan the radio guy that read the letter and who put together the race. Sara did awesome and couldn't have been more excited to finish "without even stopping" as she put it. You have an amazing daughter for sure.

  2. Hey thanks Chris! I added two of the pictures to the blog, the race and the radio station. Thanks for all the other pictures.